Why Choose KJ Clinic?

More Than 40 Years Experience
Dr. Xiao started her Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) learning and practice as early as 1975. Not only was she trained by one of the prodigious TCM universities in China, she also gained her experience from working with private practitioners. She served as a Physician-in-Charge in a large TCM hospital in China before coming to the United States. She is highly recognized by her patients and students in both countries.

Comprehensive Treatment Using Acupuncture and Herb Medicine
Throughout its 5000-year history, acupuncture and TCM herb medicine are always practiced together. Chinese herb medicine is complimentary to acupuncture in the way that it treats the aspects of a disease that acupuncture may not be effective. It is this type of comprehensive treatment that makes TCM effective and vital.

An expert in Chinese herb medicine, Dr. Xiao has been teaching and practicing Chinese Herb medicine for decades. She helped many institutions to establish TEM herbology programs and pharmacies. Herbal prescription is a common practice in KJ Clinic through our well-stocked, quality-controlled herb center.

Work with Patient's Doctor
Dr. Xiao had many years of training in Western Medicine in both China and the United States. She also practiced Western Medicine when she was a physician in China. The training and experience allow her to communicate and work with a patient's doctor professionally and effectively. In fact, many of our patients are directly referred by local clinics and hospitals.

Continuously Adapting Advanced Methods
Dr. Xiao has been teaching Acupuncture and TCM over 20 years. As a scholar in TCM, she continuously adapts new ideas and methods into her practice for treating complicated conditions. Because of her success, she is frequently consulted and referred by many medical doctors for treating unusual cases.

What our Patients Say ...

"KJ has made a strong impact on my life, both physiologically as well as spiritually and mentally. I am extremely grateful for her wisdom and guidance."

"Thank you so much for helping my sinus problem. Thanks so much for the advice! You always make it seem so simple!"

"KJ - Hello ... I saw you for a brief period in the spring ... if you remember, I wanted very much to continue. Your manner, professionalism and knowledge gave me confidence in you and a sense of optimism and belief."

"I want to thank you for your care and persistence in helping me move towards health! "

"Thank you so much for the wonderful gift basket. Thank you most of all for helping me become pregnant, I don’t think I would have been without all your acupuncture work."

"By the time I came to the KJ Clinic with sciatica, I had sought medical help from many sources, with little lasting success. I found relief from pain with Dr. Xiao. She is a healer, professional and caring."